Limited Time Offer: Keep Your OneDrive Free Storage at 15GB…

For users of OneDrive, Microsoft will decrease the free storage space from 15GB to 5GB and discontinue the 15GB camera roll storage bonus in the beginning of 2016 according to what is written on this The OneDrive Blog.

But here’s also good news: If you want to keep the above 15GB + 15GB free storage even after the changes are made, you still have a good chance to do so before end of January 2016 – click “Keep your free storage” at this link and sign in to your Microsoft account to activate such free storage. Once activated, your account will not be affected by the storage changes.

If you have an additional storage in your account, this storage won’t go away with the changes as confirmed by Douglas Pearce, Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for OneDrive.

Reference: Gizmo’s and IT-Infra



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